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Spay (Ovariohysterectomy)

Canine Spay (Ovariohysterectomy)

Females can be spayed at any age. However, the earliest that Dr. Winter performs it is at 6 months of age. Keep in mind that a female can go into heat anytime between 5-14 months of age.

Spaying your canine companion is highly recommended by Dr. Winter.
Key points to understand the importance of this are:

• Prevention of unwanted pregnancy & puppies
• Decreased chance of mammary tumors
• Preventing pyometra (life threatening uterine infection)
• Eliminates pesky heat cycles
• Ability to abort pregnancy if needed/wanted

The procedure involves bringing your pet in the evening before surgery so we can fast and run pre-anesthetic blood work. The following morning we anesthetize the patient and perform the surgery. Dr. Winter makes an abdominal incision to remove the uterus and uterine horns. Absorbable sutures are placed within the muscle, subcutaneous layer and in the skin of the incision site. No follow-up visit is needed. Pain medication is strongly recommended and administered. After care instructions are given when the patient is picked up.


Feline Spay (Ovariohysterectomy)

Spaying a feline is basically the same as spaying a canine except the organs are a bit smaller. Some reasons to consider spaying your cat are:

• Eliminates unwanted pregnancies/kittens
• Decreases chance of mammary tumors
• Eliminates heat cycles
• Eliminates roaming and behavioral issues
• Ability to abort pregnancy if needed or wanted

Feline’s can be spayed at any age but it is recommended at 6 months. Cats can go into heat anytime between 5-14 months of age. We prefer to have our patients dropped off the night before their surgery to fast and perform pre-anesthetic blood work.  The following morning, Dr Winter anesthetizes the patient and performs the surgery. He makes an abdominal incision and removes the uterine body, uterine horns, and ovaries. The incision is closed using absorbable sutures under the skin line so no follow-up visit is needed. After care instructions are discussed with owners that afternoon when they pick their pet up.



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