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Puppy Socialization Class (Kindergarten)

Training instills confidence in a shy dog
Tones down a rambunctious dog
And controls a dominant dog

The focus of this class is to utilize positive reinforcement to promote a healthy relationship between you, your family, and your puppy or young dog. We reinforce the acceptable behaviors, and teach them how to modify the unacceptable behaviors. My goal is to teach each owner to be a good mentor and pack leader so their puppy can be a good canine citizen. We utilize the following commands heel, sit, drop, come, kennel or place, leave it or not yours, be gentle, and go potty. We teach life skills, house and social manners, as well as how to prevent behavior problems before they occur, and solve the existing problems. Proper socialization techniques are encouraged with other puppies and owners. The puppies are taught to trust their owners as they are exposed to many new sights and sounds.

Class 1 (Most puppies are born with the capability of becoming an incredible dog)
This class focuses on teaching the puppy to live in harmony with the family pack.
We discuss puppy health care and instinctive canine behavior.
We answer questions about your concerns or problems you are experiencing.
We explain house training and crate training procedures.
We teach your puppy how to accept handling and restraint, by utilizing the “Alpha Rollover” which is a canine behavior that they understand.

Class 2 (Achieving their full potential requires a caring knowledgeable owner)
We practice the commands; heel, sit, watch me, off, leave it- not yours, be gentle, play training recall, and come find.
All puppies are handled by everyone, puppies are taught to stand for handling and grooming, crate training, save the squeak toys, introduced to mirrors and steps

Class 3 (Leadership must be communicated in a in a way your puppy can understand)
(Bring a pet pad or blanket, towel, squeak toys, and long lead)
We introduce drop, come and kennel or place, stick jump, vacuum noise, walk on board, over obstacle and swim pool. Bring something your puppy is afraid of. Bring an educational toy to increase the intelligence of the latch key puppy.
Example; A Kong stuffed with peanut butter and dog food or a “Talking Ball’.
They are taught to relax and play with and chew on appropriate toys.

Class 4 (Dog’s have an instinctual need for a strong leader)
We review all of the above, and teach your puppy to live in harmony with your whole family. We introduce sit-stay, and drop-stay commands. We hand feed the pups, using the command to “take it gently" or "be gentle”
I encourage you to introduce your puppy to at least 100 people!!! Proper socialization is so important for the “latch key” puppy before it is 4 months of age.

Obedience training is an important aspect of your dog’s life!!!!



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