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Power Floating

What was once a physically demanding and difficult task is now an accurate, easy and somewhat gentle procedure on horses. Dr. Winter uses a rotary mechanized Powerfloat for equine dentals that allows him to do a much more adequate job.

Before the dental float begins, Dr. Winter performs an oral exam. He examines the horse’s mouth by feeling and looking for any sores, hooks, and other oral disruptions. After the exam, he lightly sedates the horse. This allows for a calm, safer and more efficient procedure. A speculum is placed in the horse’s mouth and the dental floating begins. This procedure takes about 20 minutes and is accomplished with minimal discomfort to your horse. During the float, Dr. Winter will grind down the hooks that may be causing your horse discomfort. He also creates a “bit seat”, which allows the bit to lie more comfortably in the horse’s mouth when being ridden. During this procedure, he also frequently pulls wolf teeth on young horses. To maintain your horse’s dental health, CVS recommends an annual dental exam during your spring vaccination appointment. Proper dental care is essential if you would like your horse to respond to the bit and subtle hand signals. CVS finds the average performance horse needs their teeth floated yearly.



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