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Neuter (Orchiectomy)

Canine Neuter (Orchiectomy)

Neutering your dog can be performed at any age but it is recommended at 6 months of age before testosterone develops.

The benefits of neutering your canine companion are:
May prevent behavioral/dominance issues
Will prevent roaming
Will deter urine marking habits
May prevent prostate cancer
Eliminates the possibility of impregnating a female

As with other surgeries performed at CVS, we recommend dropping your pet off at our clinic the night before their scheduled surgery so that we can fast them and run their pre-anesthetic blood work. The next morning the animal is anesthetized and an incision is made just above the scrotum. Both testicles are removed and absorbable sutures are placed under the skin so no follow-up visit is needed. When you pick your dog up the following afternoon, we will provide you with after care instructions.


Feline Neuter (Orchiectomy)

With male cats there are many benefits of neutering. Such as:
Prevent spraying in house
Prevent roaming/fighting
Eliminate female pregnancy
May relieve behavioral issues

Neutering your cat can be performed at any age but CVS recommends doing it at 6 months. As with other general surgeries performed at CVS we schedule you to bring your cat in the afternoon or evening before surgery to perform pre-anesthetic blood work and to fast prior to the surgery. The surgery is performed first thing the following morning. Throughout the day, we monitor the recovering patient. The cat is able to go home that afternoon with aftercare instructions discussed at pick-up.




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