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Neonatal SERVICES bullet bullet bullet bullet

Neonatal Exam

This exam and the IgG test should be done when the foal is between 12 and 24 hours old. Dr. Winterís Neonatal exam includes the following:



A physical exam looking for birth defects or any abnormalities.

He listens to the lungs and heart and does an ophthalmic exam.

Administers a multi vitamin injection

Probiotic paste given orally to improve gut health.

Collects blood and performs an IGG test to check for antibody transfer.


Administers an antibiotic and oxytocin injection to help her uterus recover.
For mares that will be rebred Dr. Winter recommends infusing the mare with an antiseptic solution.

Post Foaling Care

Foaling is stressful, however, once the foal is born your job is not finished; there are still important tasks that must be performed.

bullet Between 12 to 24 hours after the birth of the foal, a neonatal examine and an IGG test should be performed to evaluate transfer of antibodies from the mares colostrum to the foal. bullet If planning to rebreed, the mare should be examined and flushed. bullet Within 3 hours of birth, the mare should completely clean. If not, it is important to have Dr Winter remove the remaining placenta and flush the mare. Not doing this can cause serious health issues. bullet The umbilicus should be dipped 3 times a day for the first 3 days with an antiseptic to prevent any infection bullet It is important to de-worm the mare because a foalís natural instinct is to eat feces in order to establish good bacteria in the gut. This will prevent transfer of worms. bullet The foal should also be monitored for proper nursing and passage of feces and urine. 



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