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Internship/Externship Opportunities

CVS Offers Internship/Externship Opportunities

• Internship/ Externship Programs for Veterinary Students
• Internship for Pre-vet Students
• Internship for Veterinary Technician Students
• Job shadowing for High School Students

Veterinary Student Externship:
We provide clinical experience to satisfy the requirements of your Veterinary degree. Within a thriving equine/small animal Veterinary practice, Dr. Winter maintains a Veterinary mentorship program by discussing hospital cases as well as procedures, and promotes "hands-on" experience (when the situation permits). Your externship provides you with clinical experience in all areas of our equine small animal practice (surgery, laboratory, Internal medicine, reproduction, radiology, ultrasonography, as well as assisting in the ambulatory practice.

Veterinary Technician Internship:
Cannon Veterinary Services offers an internship program for students enrolled in accredited Veterinary Technician programs. The CVS internship is designed to provide students with clinic experience under the supervision of a licensed veterinary technician. Your internship period will provide you with clinical experience in all areas of our practice (surgery, laboratory, Internal medicine, reproduction, radiology, Ultrasonography, animal restraint, and assisting in the ambulatory practice.
Internships are scheduled on an individual basis to accommodate the intern’s preferred schedule as well as clinic case load.

Job Shadowing for High School Students:
Many children and young adults aspire to be "a veterinarian" when they grow up. It is our goal to support their dreams by providing a mentorship program that caters to case discussions and hands on experience within our practice. Depending on the level of the student and time of year, many different opportunities and experiences are available. You will be able to shadow Dr. Winter in the clinic and possibly on ambulatory calls.

Your CVS Internship/Externship position is important to us:
If you would like more information
Or if you are interested in an Internship/ Externship position::

Please contact CVS at (651-258-4050) or Email us at 
Please email an application, resume, and letter of references
Also let us know:
What your experience level is with horses and small animals.
What you would like to gain for the CVS Internship/Externship program.




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