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Healthcare For Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy can be very exciting. Before bringing the furry bundle home, remember they require a lot of puppy care and preventative measures (vaccinations, de-worming and a healthy diet). This provides your pet with the best chance for a healthy lifestyle. CVS continually evaluates the nutritional quality of pet food and highly recommends Orijen, which can be purchased at our clinic. We will start your puppy on a preventative health care plan which is the foundation for a long, healthy life.

6-8 Weeks of Age

  1. First physical exam.

  2. First vaccination for DHLPPC to protect against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Para influenza, Parvovirus, and Corona-virus.

  3. A stool sample should be checked microscopically for intestinal parasites.

10-12 Weeks of Age

  1. Booster DHLPPC vaccination.

  2. First Lyme vaccination.

  3. First Bordatella vaccination.

14-16 Weeks of Age

  1. Adult DHLPPC vaccination

  2. Booster Lyme vaccination

  3. Booster Bordatella vaccination

  4. First Rabies vaccination


  1. DHLPPC vaccination

  2. Lyme vaccination

  3. Bordatella vaccination. If you kennel your dog, vaccinate for Bordatella every 6 months.

  4. Fecal check for intestinal parasites (Recommended every 6 months)

  5. Heartworm testing

  6. Rabies vaccination booster at one year and every two years thereafter.


Additional Comments:

1.      Heartworm is a serious but preventable disease. Your dog should be tested each spring, preferably February-April (before mosquito season). If your dog tests negative, a heartworm preventative such as Sentinel should be given throughout the mosquito season (April-November). Pups born during the mosquito season should start on the preventative at 8 weeks old, and continue through November. Each spring, it is very important to test your pet prior to starting the preventative treatment because the preventative can kill a dog that is harboring heartworms. Like birth control pills, heartworm preventatives are affective, but not 100%. Human error of forgetting to give the monthly preventative can cause the medication to be ineffective.

2.      CVS recommends using Sentinel (a once monthly tablet) for heartworm, internal parasites and flea prevention. A Heartworm test must be done once yearly, before dispensing heartworm prevention.

3.      Most puppies are born with intestinal parasites, passed by their mother.  We recommend fecal checks three times the first year and twice annually thereafter. If your pet is losing weight, acting ill or experiencing loose stool a fecal check should be performed.

4.      Feed your dog a nutritionally balanced HIGH Quality pet food.  Puppy formula should be fed their first year.  DO NOT feed generic brand pet foods. They are nutritionally incomplete and contain a higher percentage of fillers.

5.      Nail trimming should be part of a dog’s regular grooming routine.  Some dogs require more attention to their nails.  We recommend trimming nails every 2-4 weeks. 

6.      Your dog’s teeth should be checked regularly for tarter buildup.  As your dog ages, a professional dental cleaning may be needed.  Proper diet, chew toys, and frequent brushing can help prevent progression of tarter build up and gum disease.

7.      The Bordatella vaccination is important to protect against kennel cough. CVS recommends giving a vaccination every 6 months when you show, board or have your dog groomed.

8.      CVS strongly recommends vaccinating against Lyme disease, which is a devastating disease that is spread by deer ticks.  CVS recommends using Advantix (a topical monthly preventative) that repels and kills ticks, fleas and mosquitoes!



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