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Healthcare For Your New Kitten

Getting a new kitten can be very exciting. Before bringing the furry bundle home, remember they require a lot of care and preventative measures (vaccinations, de-worming and a healthy diet). This provides them with the best chance for a healthy lifestyle. CVS continually evaluates the nutritional quality of cat food and highly recommends 'Acana' or 'Natural Balance', which may be purchased at our clinic. We recommend starting your kitten on a preventative health care plan which is the foundation for a long, healthy life.

6-8 Weeks of Age

  1. First physical exam.

  2. Feline leukemia test.

  3. First vaccination against viral diseases. The FVRCP protects against Rhinotracheitis, Calcicivirus, & Panleukopenia (feline distemper).

  4. A stool sample should be checked microscopically for parasites.

10-12 Weeks of Age (or 1 month later)

  1. Booster FVRCP or first FLVK (distemper/leukemia) combination vaccination

16 Weeks of Age

  1. First RABIES vaccination.

  2. Booster FVRCP or FLVK (distemper/leukemia) combination vaccination.


  1. Physical and exam.

  2. Fecal check for intestinal parasites.

  3. FVRCP or FLVK (distemper/leukemia) combination vaccination.

  4. RABIES vaccination.

Additional Comments:

  1. The physical exam, fecal check, RABIES, FVRCP/ FLVK combination vaccination should be repeated every year to protect your cats’ health.

  2. All cats (older than 8 to 9 weeks of age) that have never been vaccinated must have the complete series of three in order to have complete coverage.

  3. CVS recommends checking for intestinal parasites 3 times during the 1st year of your kitten’s life. Parasites do affect the growth and health of your kitten. After 1 year of age, we recommend twice a year, or whenever your cat is acting sick, or losing weight, etc.

  4. Feed your kitten or cat a HIGH QUALITY diet to keep it healthy and fit. Avoid generic pet foods as they are often missing essential nutrients and contain fillers that are of no benefit to your pet. A proper diet is essential for pregnant queens and nursing mothers. CVS recommends ‘Acana’ or 'Natural Balance' brand pet food.



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