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Your Worst Enemy - FLEAS!

Fleas are easily spread and are very difficult to get rid of. They can be a problem for both you and your pet. When heavily infested, they may become life threatening. It is extremely difficult to get rid of them once they infect your home. During various stages of their development, fleas can be found on and off your pet. It is important to properly treat your pet and their entire living area.

CVS recommends Advantix for dogs and Advantage for cats. They are applied topically once a month for flea prevention.
We also recommend using Adams Room Fogger, to kill the adult fleas and flea eggs within the environment. When necessary, you may have to destroy pet bedding and other household items. We strongly recommend preventing this problem before you have to deal with the stress. If you have any problems or concerns feel free to call us for advice.  




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