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2013 Wellness Program

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Cannon Veterinary Services would like to invite you to take advantage of our Equine Wellness Program. The purpose of this program is to provide your horse with a personalized disease prevention and health care maintenance program at an affordable price. Our goal is to provide your horse(s) with highest quality health care throughout the year. This comprehensive package will include a physical exam, dental exam and float, vaccinations, fecal checks, tube de-worming and paste wormer dispensed, a coggins test, and nutritional counseling. Regular exams can detect illness or injuries before they become serious. If recognized and treated early, more serious problems can be prevented. Dr. Winter and the CVS staff are committed to helping you succeed in the equine industry by providing your horses with the best health care necessary to maintain optimal health and performance!

Benefits for your horse
The CVS EWP was designed to maintain your horse’s health and to prevent unexpected life threatening diseases. Preventative care and twice yearly exams help to prevent more serious and costly health issues.

Benefits for you
The CVS EWP was designed to eliminate the guesswork of knowing when to schedule routine vaccinations, de-worming and dental care. It provides stress free scheduling for the complete wellness program and gives peace of mind, knowing that your horse has the best preventative healthcare possible at an affordable price.
One annual fee covers the cost of the program.

Having time to enjoy and appreciate your healthy horse is a bonus!!!
The CVS staff will contact you twice yearly to schedule your appointment when Dr. Winter is in your area. We will attempt to accommodate your schedule as well as his. Dr. Winter will examine and provide the scheduled routine care for your horse(s) each spring and fall.

To avoid a call charge, CVS encourages you to bring your horse(s) to the clinic for services.

If you are on the CVS Equine Wellness Program, the call charge for each visit will be 20% less than what you normally would pay.

Payment of the call charge is required at time of service.

Farm calls that have special scheduling requirements or that are more than 30 miles from the clinic will incur additional cost.

Additional discounts will be given when 3 or more horses are enrolled by the same owner.

Horses must be over one year of age to participate in the CVS Equine Wellness Program.
Broodmares are eligible to participate but will require additional charges for fertility work and RHIK (Pneumabort K) vaccinations.

If your horse or foal has never been vaccinated before, it will require an initial series of vaccinations and booster vaccination in 3 to 6 weeks. The boosters are not included in the CVS EWP and will require an additional visit.

Additional vaccines, services or preventative health care may be recommended, based on past history or show schedules for each individual horse. There will be additional charges for these additional services. Please request the additional services when the appointment is made, so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time for Dr. Winter.

When vaccinations are administered by a Veterinarian, the drug companies will stand behind the vaccine.

If a horse dies or is sold, outside the practice area while participating in the program a prorated refund will be made as a credit to your account. Horses within the practice area may have the remaining services transferred to the new owner.

Dental care includes sedation, oral exam, and a performance float. Extensive dental work or extractions are not included.

There will be no refunds or substitutions for unused services.

Overdue accounts must be paid in full, prior to enrolling in CVS EWP.

Services will be put on hold for past due accounts, until the account is paid in full.

If your account is in good standing with CVS, ask us about the additional benefits for enrolling in the CVS Equine Wellness Program.

CVS Equine Wellness Program Discounts

20% discount on call charges for CVS Wellness appointments
10% discount off radiology services
10% discount off Ultrasonography services
10% discount off joint supplements (available in clinic)
Cosequin products, Vita Flex, Platinum Performance

Click here to view/print the enrollment form.


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