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Equine Fecal Testing

In order to maintain your horse’s health, an annual fecal test is strongly recommended. Internal parasites cause severe health issues in our horses. Such as: diarrhea, abnormal bowel movements, long, dull hair coat with irregular shedding patterns, poor growth rate due to improper utilization of feed or nutrients, and breathing problems due to lung damage or pneumonia. Colic and death occur as well. These health issues may be avoided by strategic de-worming and annual fecal testing.

Before bringing a fecal sample to CVS you should:

Bring as fresh of a sample as possible
Refrigerate if needed, for up to 2 days
Do not freeze
Do not allow sample to sit at room temperature for too long. This may alter test results
Only one round stool sample is needed.

Fecal testing is performed in-house and we are able to give clients the test results that same day. If parasitic infestation is present, Dr. Winter and his staff can discuss an appropriate de-worming plan based on the horse’s individual needs.



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