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Equine Body Condition Score
Score  Name Description
1 Poor Animal extremely emaciated. Spinous processes, ribs, tailhead and hooks and pins projecting prominently. Bone structure of withers, shoulders and neck easily noticeable. No fatty tissues can be felt.
2 Very Thin Animal emaciated. Slight fat covering over base of spinous processes; transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae feel rounded. Spinous processes, ribs, tailhead and hooks and pins prominent. Withers, shoulders and neck structures faintly discernible.
3 Thin Fat buildup about halfway on spinous processes; transverse processes cannot be felt. Slight fat cover over ribs. Spinous processes and ribs easily discernible. Tailhead prominent, but individual vertebrae cannot be easily identified. Hook bones appear rounded, but easily discernible. Withers, shoulders and neck accentuated.
4 Moderately Thin Negative crease along back. Faint outline of ribs discernible. Tailhead prominence depends on conformation, fat can be felt around it. Pin bones not discernible. Withers, shoulders and neck not obviously thin.
5 Moderate Back level. Ribs cannot be visually distinguished but can be easily felt. Fat around tailhead beginning to feel spongy. Withers appear rounded over spinous processes. Shoulders and neck blend smoothly into body.
6 Moderately Fat May have slight crease down back. Fat over ribs feels fleshy-spongy. Fat around tailhead feels soft. Fat beginning to be deposited along the sides of the withers, behind the shoulder and along the side of the neck.
7 Fleshy May have crease down back. Individual ribs can be felt, but noticeable filling between ribs with fat. Fat around tailhead is soft. Fat deposited along withers, behind shoulders and along the neck.
8 Fat Crease down back. Difficult to feel ribs. Fat around tailhead very soft. Area along withers filled with fat. Area behind shoulder filled with fat. Noticeable thickening of neck. Fat deposited along inner thighs.
9 Extremely Fat Obvious crease down back. Patchy fat appearing over ribs.   Fat Bulging around tailhead, along withers, behind shoulders and along neck. Fat along inner thighs may rub together. Flank filled with fat.



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