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Feline Declaw (Onychectomy)
Declawing your cat is an optional surgical procedure and here at CVS we offer the conventional method. Many people have a problem with cats scratching children and/or furniture. If declawing is your choice we recommend having this performed at the same time as spaying or neutering your cat. This saves the cat from another anesthetic event as well as saving money with the anesthesia cost.

For the procedure, the patient is scheduled for a drop off the night before surgery allowing us to fast them and run pre-anesthetic blood work. The surgery is performed the next morning. Bandages are placed on the paws to prevent any bleeding or excessive activity. Post surgery the cat must stay at the clinic for an additional night so they can be monitored and the paws can remain bandaged. The bandages are removed the following morning and the patient is able to go home. Owners are required to use special non-irritating litter for at least one week after surgery, which we provide for you at pick up. After care instructions are also discussed at this time.



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