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Client Spotlight

I am more than delighted to have Dr. Winter as my veterinarian. He is a calm and gentle man, (which is most appealing and comforting to me being I am a bit on the hyper side). He is most knowledgeable and always takes the time to share his knowledge with me… I am never made to feel that any question is not important enough to be asked and answered. Even if I ask the same question more than once, I still get the explanation again. When it comes to the breeding aspect, he really knows his business, which is essential for me, being I breed Quarter Horses. My dog likes him a lot too! All in all, it is a good combination and I feel my animals receive the best care.

Diane Miller Quarter Horses

Dr. Winter is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He took a very consultative approach in diagnosing the most cost-effective way to treat our geriatric pony and I appreciated that most about him.

Charlotte Heim, Bar H Stables

1.) Linda’s classes begin the first session with all owners present to discuss their dog, breed and to mention any problems they are experiencing with them. Each owner benefits from hearing the behavior issues that other fellow dog owners are experiencing.

2.) The second week of class the owner/trainer is taught how to get the dog to give eye contact by using the “watch me” command. It is easy to identify the better canine students because the dogs are highly focused on watching their owner’s movements and responding to their commands.

3.) Weekly, detailed handouts are distributed outlining the training schedule for each class session. Emphasis is placed on the importance of owners training their dogs each day.

4.) She emphasizes positive reinforcement when the dogs do right and gently but firmly corrects them with the training collar (not electronic) when necessary.

5.) By graduation time, the dogs have mastered the following commands:
Heel , Sit-Stay, Drop-Stay, Stand-Stay,
About Turns, U Turns, Recall/Come,
Quarter Turns to the Right/Left
Off, Free, Here

Consequently, as pleased trainer and owner, my nephew and I most highly recommend Mrs. Winter’s classes without reservation! We have been tremendously happy with the results, now having two wonderful Labradors who are incredibly great companions, even under varying and challenging situations to which the dogs have been or may someday be exposed!

Dr. Ruth Hale & Curt Schneider, Owners and Trainer



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