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Chasing of bikes, cars, horses, dogs and people

Chasing is an instinctual behavior in dogs. Some dogs love to chase anything that moves such as bikes, horses, cars, cats, other dogs, and people who are walking or jogging by their property. From the canine perspective--- itís the fun of the chase and they always win. They are stimulated by chasing the objects, and the behavior is reinforced when the people or objects move away from them and their space. They also feel that they are in charge and it increases their sense of dominance! Dogs that have a strong predatory nature or herding instinct are more stimulated by chasing the intruder or object of interest. In the beginning, some owners perceive this behavior as harmless. It soon becomes annoying and escalates into a dangerous behavior for people, as well as your dog. Walkers, joggers, bikers are easy targets for aggressive dogs that chase them down the road. Dogs that run into the road may be hit by a car, get seriously injured or possibly killed. This dangerous behavior may cause mental stress, physical injury and possibly legal liability issues as well.

We recommend contacting CVS to schedule an appointment to learn how to stop this unacceptable behavior before someone gets injured. It is important stop this behavior when it first starts or as soon as possible. We recommend behavior modification and teaching basic obedience commands: (heel, sit, drop, stay, come, and off). We teach the importance of an immediate response to every command. The procedures we use to help stop this behavior will depend on the dominance of the dog as well as how established the behavior is. During the time you are attending the behavior modification program (to stop this behavior), we recommend not leaving your dog outside unsupervised. Leaving them unattended is asking for trouble. Dogs can be unpredictable, and it is possible that the chase instinct may be activated in an inappropriate time. The best strategy is to confine your dog when you cannot supervise them. Install an above ground fence or an underground electric fence.

Prevention is the best policy.




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