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Fecal Checks and Deworming

Most puppies are born with intestinal worms! These parasites cause vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, stunted growth and death. Some parasites are transmissible to humans. Over 10,000 cases of animal related roundworms cause illness in children every year, in the United States.

Dr. Winter and certified technicians are able to diagnose internal parasites by microscopically examining a fresh stool sample. Two weeks after de-worming, puppies should have a fecal test performed. Adults should be tested twice yearly. CVS recommends testing be performed on indoor and outdoor cats, every six months. Fresh stool samples should be collected and brought to our clinic as soon as possible. A small thumb nail amount is all that is necessary. If unable to bring the sample in right away, it can be refrigerated for a maximum of two days. DO NOT freeze the stool sample because it alters test results.

If a fecal check is positive, we identify the type of parasite and treat accordingly. To determine the correct de-worming dosage, we must have a correct weight on your pet. It is important to pick up your petís stools because they may become re-infested. It is important to follow the treatment instructions given by Dr Winter and his staff.

Parasite infestation description:
Roundworms - A common intestinal worm. They average 3 inches and look similar to spaghetti. Puppies commonly become infected from their mother while in utero or nursing. Adults can become infected as well, through ingestion of another animalís feces. Symptoms of infection include vomiting, diarrhea, poor hair coat and weight loss. It is important to know that humans can become infected with roundworms as well.
Tapeworms - They attach themselves to the intestinal wall then release segments that resemble grains of rice. Segments may be seen around the animalís rectum or in their feces. Transmission occurs through ingestion of rodents, birds and most commonly from fleas. Humans can become infected with tapeworms from their pets, which is another reason CVS recommends using flea prevention.
Whipworms - Live in the large intestine and are transmitted through stool. Although they are not seen by the human eye, they are still a threat to your pet. They cause bloody diarrhea and weight loss.
Hookworms - Older pets acquire this parasite through skin contact with infected stool. Puppies get them from their mother while in utero or nursing. Humans may become infected with hookworms if their pet has this parasitic infection. The half inch long worms, attach themselves to the small intestinal wall. They suck blood and cause diarrhea.

Coccidia - More like a bacteria than a worm. Coccidia is more common than we realize. It is transmitted by ingestion of droppings from rabbits and other wildlife. Puppies in utero or nursing, can become infected by their positive mother. A simple treatment of de-wormer will rid your pet of this parasite. Cleanliness in your pets environment is essential or re-infestation will easily occur . Owners beware: Humans become infected with coccidia from pets. Wash your hands if handling dirt or picking up stool in your yard!

Giardia - Also similar to a bacteria. Giardia can be transmitted to humans causing vomiting and diarrhea. It is difficult to get rid of, so treatment and cleaning your pets environment is essential. A fecal check is recommended after treatment to confirm that your pet is free of this parasite. Fecal checks performed twice yearly is recommended.

Parasite infections can be prevented by:


Cleaning up feces in yard, daily


Wash hands after handling an animal


Do not allow pets to ingest birds and rodents


Do not allow children to ingest dirt


Wearing shoes while outside


Pregnant women should avoid cleaning litter boxes




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