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Growling is a sign of dominance, aggression or submissiveness. Dogs growl for various reasons. They use their aggressive growl to protect and defend their family, food, possessions and their territory. A lower pitched growl is used as a warning when they feel threatened. They also use a lower pitch when playing with their toys or tug of war with their owners. They may growl if they are injured or touched in painful areas or when small children pull their tail or ears.

It is important to know that not all throaty vocalizations are growls. Dogs have a wide range of sounds to express happiness. Owners should learn the sounds of their dog’s “true aggressive growl”. For example, a high pitched throaty growl indicates a warning that they want to be left alone. A medium pitched growl is an indication that the dog is angry or feeling threatened and is prepared to bite; whereas a low pitched growl indicates that the dog is going to bite.

Submissive growling must be corrected with the help of an animal behaviorist. The behaviorist will use behavior modification to build the confidence level of a submissive dog, and teach the dominant dog to respect authority.



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