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Canine Body Language

Understanding your dog’s behavior is essential in building the human-animal bond and training them. Dogs express themselves by using their eyes, ears, heads and tails. Canine body language is instinctual and consistent within all breeds throughout the world. A dog’s eyes are the windows to their soul. Like humans they experience similar emotions. Their physical expression shows how they are feeling such as happy, friendly, scared, angry, or dominant.

Dogs are unable to verbalize their feelings. As owners, it is important to recognize the individual physical expressions of your dog. For instance, dominant dogs challenge each other by staring directly at one another. While a fearful dog will tuck its tail between its legs, tremble; avoid eye contact and bare teeth. An aggressive dog stares intensely, growls, shows teeth, and raises their hackles. Friendly dogs have a relaxed body; wagging tail, and communicate with a whimper or excited bark. They reveal a big smile and their eyes are bright and alert. A playful dog has sparkly, alert eyes. They run excitedly around, jump up and down, and playfully bow. Submissive dogs pull their lips back into a “grin”. Their tails are placed between their legs and they roll onto their side or back to reveal their belly.

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