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Canine Arthritis

If your pet is showing signs of arthritis, such as stiffness or achy joints, Dr. Winter will discuss the options for possible medications or additional treatment. An annual exam is performed when vaccinations are given. It is important that you mention any noticeable changes in your pet. With the information provided, Dr. Winter can focus his attention on your concerns. Like humans, dogs experience the aging process. One human year, is the equivalent to seven dog years so they age at a faster pace. By nature, dogs are stoic and accept an increase in pain, without exhibiting signs. The signs they may exhibit are: loss of appetite, increased morning stiffness, sleeping soundly throughout the day, decreased movement, noticeable lameness in rear legs, dragging one leg or exhibiting signs of pain.

Common Forms of Canine Arthritis:

Type Characteristics Treatment
Osteoarthritis Bone Spurs Pain Medication
Rheumatoid Arthritis Pits in the Cartilage Steroids/ Cancer Drugs
Septic Arthritis Infection in the joint Antibiotics



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