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Barking - Canine Noise Pollution

Barking seems to be one of the most irritating canine behaviors. It annoys dog owners as well as the neighbors. Rather than trying to control or modify the barking, most owners try to make the dog cease barking altogether. Please remember their bark is an imitation of our voice. It is how they communicate! It is inhumane to punish a dog for what it does naturally. Barking is as normal as wagging their tail or burying a bone.

From the human perspective the timing of the behavior is inappropriate or excessive.
From the canine perspective they are telling us that they would like our attention, companionship and guidance.

Rather than trying to stop your dog from barking entirely, it makes more sense to teach them when they can bark. Most often, dogs are ignored when they are quiet and punished when they bark. Thus, through negative reinforcement they are rewarded to bark. Reward or praise the quiet times and the good or appropriate behaviors. Do not yell at them to quit barking. From their perspective-- you are joining their fun. Instead teach them to bark on command. Also teach them that they are allowed to bark three times, then give the command “no bark” and put your fingers around their nose. Another method is to spray lemon juice or bitter apple in their mouth or squirt Tabasco sauce on their tongue.

We do not recommend leaving your dog tied outside unattended. In stead, take your dog out for a walk or jog. Burn off their excess energy as you build your healthy body, relieve stress, and gain peace of mind. Spend time obedience training or playing with them.
A tired dog is a happy dog!

Consistently communicate what your expectations are for your dog.



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