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Veterinary Technician Internship

We are pleased to provide a structured internship/mentorship program that provides an opportunity to develop clinical veterinary skills for equine & small animals, as well as practical hands on experience. The skills include preventative health care for equine and small animals, laboratory experience, equine reproduction and lameness, small animal surgeries as well as some equine surgeries. During this internship program, we also provide business experience that includes client communication skills, team player experience, and business common sense.

The purpose of the veterinary technician internship program is to introduce the vet tech students to the CVS equine small animal practice. Daily, the intern will assist Dr. Winter and technician staff with procedures, treatments, hospital maintenance, etc.

Duties are:

To assist the veterinary staff with routine procedures (physical exams, vaccinations, treatments, etc) as well as emergency procedures.
To assist the veterinary technician with lab work (parasitology, urinalysis, preparing samples for outside laboratories).
To assist with hospital maintenance (equipment cleaning, sterilization, inventory, etc).
To care for the hospitalized animals (cleaning and feeding), when needed.
To enter data into IDEXX Better Choice computer system and file hard copy records.
To dispense medications under the supervision of the veterinary technician.
The responsibilities will be dependent on the applicantís experience and/or skills.

Requirements are:

Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited veterinary technology program and have previous animal experience as well as a desire to learn more about horses, dogs, and cats.
Applicants must have a desire to learn, create and complete projects.
They must be team players and work well with others.
Applicants must be available to work a flexible schedule of 30 to 40 hrs per week.
Professional conduct is expected at all times.
Current rabies, hepatitis B, and tetanus vaccinations are recommended.

Internships are available throughout the year and last the minimum of 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the studentís school requirements.

To Apply:
To request a Veterinary Technician internship or for additional information:
Contact CVS at (651) 258-4050 or E-mail Drtomwinter@cannonvet.com 
Please submit an Employment Application and a copy of your resume with references.



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