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Submissive Urination

Submissive Urination is a behavior related to an inferior feeling in reference to social status. It is most commonly seen in puppies and young female dogs when they perceive a threat from a dominant animal or person. They are expressing that you are in charge. They squat to urinate as a sign of submissive signaling, lay their ears back, smile submissively, lower their body posture, and avoid eye contact. If properly raised, most puppies outgrow this behavior. If the behavior persists into adulthood, it is more difficult to resolve.

Triggers that cause submissive Urination
Certain facial features
Certain body postures
A fast approach to the puppy
Standing over the puppy
Strong eye contact staring the puppy down
Using an excited high pitched voice
Using a deep or harsh scolding voice
Continuous punishment of the puppy
Loud noises (thunder, fire crackers, tire blowout, siren, or excessive yelling)

Identify the stimuli or triggers that affect your puppy
Obedience train to build their confidence by using positive reinforcement.
Teach the puppy to sit on command and reward it with a treat.
Teach the puppy to fetch or retrieve a toy.
The puppy should be allowed to approach the greeter, when it is comfortable.
Owners and visitors should interact with the puppy in a less threatening manner.
Avoid eye contact, and pet their chest or under their chin instead of on top or their head.
Verbal and physical punishment should be avoided.
Do not use an excited high pitched voice or a deep harsh scolding voice
Do not grab at or roughly hug the puppy. They perceive it as an act of dominance.



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