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Small Animal Fecal Testing bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet

Fecal tests identify the eggs of intestinal parasites. Worm infestation can cause severe health problems in pets, such as: anemia, diarrhea, bloody stool, weight loss, poor hair coat, malnourishment, and death. Pets become infected through various routes, such as: ingestion, direct contact and in utero (roundworms in puppies).


Coccidia                                       Giardia                               Roundworms



Hookworm                                   Whipworm                         Flea Tapeworm


Parasite infections can be prevented by:

Cleaning up feces in yard, daily
Wash hands after handling an animal
Do not allow pets to ingest birds and rodents
Do not allow children to ingest dirt
Wearing shoes while outside
Pregnant women should avoid cleaning litter boxes

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