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Sarcoid Tumor Removal

 A sarcoid is a slow growing tumor of the skin, caused by the bovine papilloma virus. They commonly develop on the head, legs, belly, and sheath. However they may occur anywhere on the body. Horses of any breed or age may be affected. There are 6 different types of sarcoids which occur in various shapes and sizes. They are similar in appearance to other skin tumors so it is necessary to submit a sample to a lab for a precise diagnosis. There are a variety of treatment plans available such as: surgical removal, cryotherapy, chemotherapy and drugs. It is recommended that Dr. Winter examine the growth as soon as it is detected. Best results are achieved when a diagnosis is made and the appropriate treatment is started early. Scarring is less obvious when the sarcoids are removed or treated when they are small. Early detection and treatment is essential.



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