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Intra–articular Joint Injection

Horses performing in disciplines such as Dressage, Reining, Eventing, and Barrel Racing, cause a lot of wear and tear on their joints and are at high risk of eventually needing intra-articular joint injections. Our performance horses are athletes, and just as in humans, injections may be required in relieving their joint pain and stiffness. There are many causes for joint issues. The most common is wear and tear from years of hard work. The development of arthritis can also become a factor as well as bone diseases or past infections which have caused damage. The synovial fluid that acts as a natural lubricant to the joints eventually breaks down, causing pain and discomfort. Also cartilage damage which leads to bone surfaces becoming exposed, can cause bone on bone contact, which is extremely painful.

Injections directly into the joint space help the body produce better lubrication. Due to the risk of infection this is a sterile procedure. Horses will need to be sedated or twitched to prevent movement so that Dr. Winter can accurately place the needle in the correct joint space. About 10 days after the injections, the full effect can be seen and the duration of results is variable. This is not a permanent fix; it is an aid in improving joint function as well as making your horse more comfortable.


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