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Eye Enucleation (Eyeball Removal)

 Horses may require surgical removal of their eyeball for various reasons, such as: recurrent uveitis, cataracts, trauma, ulcers or cancer. If your horse’s eye has severe damage or is no longer functional, Dr. Winter will discuss the available options with you. If they have a blind healthy eye ball, he recommends administering appropriate eye medication. If the eyeball is diseased or painful, it should be removed. In most situations, Dr. Winter is able to perform eye enucleation surgery while the horse remains standing. Recovery seems to run smoothly for most horses and often there is little to no drainage from the eye. Even though it can be emotionally difficult for an owner to have to deal with, it may be helpful to know that most horses do not appear painful. However, depending on the situation, Dr. Winter will prescribe appropriate medication and discuss additional care that may be required.



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