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Digital Ultrasonography

Digital Ultrasound is a practical imaging modality to evaluate soft tissue injuries of the equine limb. It captures high resolution images by passing sound waves through tissues to produce a picture. The goal is to determine the size and shape (whiteness and brightness) of the structure or fiber pattern. Because of the digital format, these ultrasound images can be manipulated to provide greater detail and alternative views. The findings are carefully considered in comparison to the physical exam and the athletic use of the horse.

Dr. Winter uses the digital ultrasound to evaluate soft-tissue structures, bone surfaces and joints. He is able to:


View and evaluate tendon and ligament structures to identify, confirm, and monitor injuries.

Diagnose soft tissue injuries including muscular, vascular, tendon, tendon sheaths, ligaments, joint capsules, and bursa defects.

Measure lesions or tears in order to assess the healing process and prognosis of an injured area.

View the doppler blood flow to and from an area of concern.

Assess fluid accumulation.

Monitor the effects of training on the tendon, ligament, or soft tissue structures.

Show images and videos which can be exported or emailed for consultation.

Print a photograph of any image viewed.




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