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Cesarean Section

Like humans, dogs can experience delivery complications, which may quickly become life threatening. A dog’s normal gestation period is between 63-65 days. Taking your dog’s temperature at 60 days and every day thereafter is important in determining when they are ready to whelp. A normal temperature in a dog is 100-102.5 degrees F. Expecting females develop a sudden decrease in body temperature (around 98 degrees) shortly before labor begins. It is important that owners closely monitor their female during her delivery process. Symptoms that may indicate serious complications are: green colored, vaginal discharge prior to delivery, and straining (without delivering) for more than an hour. Owners should call Dr. Winter immediately if their female is experiencing a difficult labor. Emergency situations arise quickly and timing is crucial!

The puppies in the photograph below are from an emergency cesarean section which Dr. Winter performed on a Saturday morning. Since extra assistance is often needed an additional technician was called into the clinic to help. Before this surgery began, a pre-anesthetic blood panel was done to ensure the mother is healthy and could tolerate this surgical procedure. The mother was then attached to IV fluids and placed under anesthesia. Once the surgery began we had to move quickly to shorten the time under anesthesia as much as possible for the health of the mother and puppies. After delivery, puppies are rubbed off with a towel, and placed on a heating pad. The mother is sutured up and placed in recovery. This cesarean section was successful and the mother and her puppies are all happy and healthy.

*Dr Winter performed this cesarean section and delivered the puppies in June 2009. The puppies are happy, healthy and have all been placed in new homes.


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