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Behavior Consultation

Is your dog driving you crazy?

Each week, we receive dozens of calls from dog owners that are experiencing various behavior issues and want to resolve their problems. Many would like to know when the next obedience class is and how to sign up. Obedience training is an important factor in raising a well mannered family dog; however it does not cure every behavioral problem.

Depending on the problem; many dogs should be enrolled in a Behavior Modification Program to identify, analyze, and resolve their behavioral issues. We also address the underlying cause of their inappropriate behaviors.

We encourage owners to fill out the Canine Behavior History Form and fax, mail, or email it to CVS. We evaluate your information and situation, as well as determine the treatment plan to modify your dog’s behavior. Weekly sessions are personalized and scheduled specifically with each individual owners busy schedule and needs in mind. It caters to your knowledge, the problems you are experiencing, as well as your dog’s age, sex, breed, personality, and temperament.

The vast majority of behavior problems are the result of inappropriate communication, over-permissiveness (spoiling) and/or anthropomorphism (treating the dog as if it were a human). Most problems can be resolved by teaching each owner how to train their dog to accommodate their lifestyle.

Dogs are genetically predisposed to behave in certain ways. Some breeds have higher propensities to be aggressive, fearful, dominate, subordinate, etc. The level at which these behaviors present themselves, depends on many factors: the breed, age, sex, the owners knowledge of dogs, their living conditions, and amount of training time. These factors also have a huge impact on how a dog develops and what behaviors become problematic.

There are many considerations we evaluate when dealing with behavior issues.
First we make sure the dog is healthy because we want to rule out medical problems which may cause the change in their behavior. We recommend performing a complete physical exam, CBC, and a blood chemistry panel prior to the first behavior consultation.

Second, we look at the dog’s environment to rule out environmental factors. For example, we evaluate the relationship between the dog and all family members.

It is never too late to train a dog, or to work on their behavior problems. Bad habits can be broken, good habits can be taught. Most importantly, with some effort and love, you can make sure your dog is a happy family member. When your dog exhibits a behavior because of their genetic heritage, it is important to channel that behavior into a similar satisfying outlet to satisfy their instinctive urge. Dogs need clear and consistent leadership to feel safe and happy within their pack or human family.

An educated owner is a dog’s best friend!



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