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CVS Basic Lifestyle Obedience Training
Don’t complain – Obedience Train!

Dogs need clear and consistent leadership to feel happy and safe within their human pack!

Beginner Class (Group Training)
This class enhances the dog’s ability to learn, allows them to socialize in a controlled atmosphere, as well as builds the human animal bond. As you know, every dog (regardless of age or breed) can benefit from obedience training. A well behaved dog lives with a proud owner and is appreciated by every one.

Intermediate Class (Group Training)
This course is designed for the dog that has attended our beginner class. They must understand and be proficient with the basic commands (heel, sit, drop, and recalls). We perfect the harmonious mutual understanding between you and your dog. We add the long sit-stays, drop-stays, out of sight-stays, drop in motion, drop for a distance recall and work on jerk-lead heeling.

Private Instruction (Be the leader of your pack)
Training sessions are personalized and scheduled specifically with the individual owners busy schedule and needs in mind. It caters to your knowledge and the problems you are experiencing. As well as your dog's breed, age, sex, personality, and temperament. We teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog and how to modify their canine instinctive behavior.

Private Training (Building a lifelong relationship between dogs and their best friend)
We train the dog for one month at CVS, and include 3 private lessons to teach you how to apply our training methods.

At Your Home Training (Improve the human-canine communication issue)
We offer behavior modification programs and obedience training within your home environment. Our goal is to provide you with specific training knowledge so you can train you own dog.

The Catalyst Session (For the Feline Family Member)
Feline or “Cattitude” behavior problems can be solved once we determine why the kitty is acting out. They have a reputation for being independent, however most behaviors can be modified and kitties can be trained.

Ricky an old barn cat loved the canine obedience classes. He learned to heel, sit, and drop on command.
Carol, our clinic cat, is our social greeter and supervises the front office functions.

Obedience Training is an important aspect in your pet’s life!!!



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